Compare sql and pl/sql, PL-SQL Programming

Question 1. Compare SQL and PL/SQL

Question 2. Write a database trigger to implement the following check condition

                         Given the following table

                         Empno       Empname       Joining Date

Every time the user enters the employee number in the above table, it should check that it is always >1 and <200

Question 3. Differentiate between shared pool and large pool of Oracle memory component

Question 4. Write about the following Oracle 9i objects

  • Logical Storage Structures
  • Database Blocks
  • Physical Storage Structures

Question 5. Write a query using oracle SQL to compute the number of months between September 29,1999 and August 17, 2003

Question 6. Write a select statement in oracle SQL that returns each instructors last name followed by a comma and a space, followed by instructor's first name all in single column in the result set

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