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Q. Compare CMM with ISO 9001 ?

1: Management responsibility: ISO 9001 needs that the quality policy be defined and documented and understood as well implemented and maintained. Where in CMM management responsibility for quality policy as well as verification activities is primarily addressed in software quality assurance.

2: Document control: ISO 9001 needs that the distribution as well as modification of documents be controlled. In the CMM the configuration management rehearsal characterizing document control are explained in software configuration management.

3: Purchasing: ISO 9001 needs that purchased products be conventional to their specified requirements. In the CMM this is direct in software subcontract management.

4: Training: ISO 9001 necessitates that training needs to be identified in addition to that training be provided. Files of training are maintained. In CMM specified trainings are recognized in the training as well as orientation practices in the capability to perform common feature.

5: Internal quality audit: ISO 9001 necessitates that the audits be planned as well as performed. The results of audits are conversed to management as well as any deficiencies found are corrected. Specific audits in the CMM are entitled out in the auditing practices of the authenticate implementation common feature.

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