Compare classes of java with c++, JAVA Programming

Compare classes with C++

Some significant points to consider when defining a class in java as you probably noticed from above given skeleton are

-  There  are  no  global  functions or  variables .  Everything  resides  inside  a  class. Remember that we  wrote our  main method  inside  a  class.   (For  instance , in HelloWorldApp program)

-  Specify access modifiers  (public, private or protected)  for every member method or data members at each line.

-  public: accessible anywhere by anyone

-  private: Only accessible within this class

-  protect:  accessible only  to  the  class  itself and  to  it's  subclasses  or other classes in same package.

-  default: default access if no access modifier is provided. Accessible to all classes in same package.

-  There is no semicolon (;) at the end of class.

- All methods (functions) are written inline. There are no separate header and implementation files.

- Automatic initialization of class level data members if you don't initialize them Primitives

o Numeric (int, float etc) with zero

o Char with null

o Boolean with false

Object References

- With null


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