Chi square test goodness of fit- hypothesis testing, Operation Research

Chi Square  Test Goodness of Fit

Chi square test  can be used to find out  how well the  theoretical distribution fit  with the  empirical distribution  of observed distribution obtained from  sample data. When chi square test is used as a  test of goodness of fit you will  be taking  the followings steps:

  • Set up null and alternative hypothesis.
  • Decide level of significance for rejection of null hypothesis.
  • Draw a random sample of observations from the relevant population.
  • Derive theoretical distribution under the assumption that null hypothesis is true.
  • Compare observed frequencies with expected frequencies with the help of test.
  • If computed X2 is less than the table value at a certain level of significance the fit the is considered to be good. On the other hand if the calculated value exceeds the table value the fit is considered poor.


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