Calculate the sum of negative elements of specified column, Programming Languages

Write a program that will generate 25 DWORD values in the range from +/-50 representing a two dimensional array of size 5 x 5. It should then display the array as a table (5 x 5) by calling a procedure and then display the following menu:

1. Calculate the sum of the positive elements of each row.

2. Calculate the sum of the negative elements of a specified column.

3. Calculate the sum of all of the elements of the array.

4. Count the negative numbers in the array.

5. Calculate the sum of the diagonal elements of the array.

6. Quit

For each of these tasks:

i) Organize the tasks into procedures

ii) Pass parameters to the procedure(s) using the stack

iii) Do not use any global variables - create local variables in the stack if necessary

iv) Display the appropriate message and result after each procedure is complete

v) Call a procedure to display the array as a table and redisplay the menu after each task is completed and reported.

vi) Access the data as elements of a two dimensional array (5 x 5).

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