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Calculate the area of RECTANGLE ?

The area of a rectangle is the amount of space taken up by a rectangle, which is a two-dimensional shape.

You find the area (A) of a rectangle by multiplying its length (l) by its width (w). The result will be in square units. For instance, if the sides are measured in inches, the area will be in square inches.

You find the perimeter (P) of a rectangle by adding the lengths of all of its sides. Remember that in a rectangle, sides that are opposite each other have equal lengths. So, as a shortcut, you can double the length, then double the width, then add the results together.


Key Terms: Length (l), Width (w)
Area (A) = (l x w) = lw
Perimeter (P) = (2 x l) + (2 x w) = 2l + 2w


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