C program to returns the string, C/C++ Programming

Program is to take two arguments and returns the string:

Program is to take two arguments and returns the string which is larger the larger string has larger ascii value invoke function from main

int compare(char *st,char *st2);


void main()



 int x;

 char st[20],st2[20];

 int ans;

 cout<<" enter the first string ";


 cout<<" enter the second string ";



 if (ans==0)

   cout<<" the larger string is "<


   cout<<" the larger string is "<



 int compare(char *st,char *st2)


   int i=0;

   while(st[i]!='\0' && st2[i] != '\0')


      if (st[i]==st2[i])




       else if (st[i]>st2[i])

                 return 1;


                 return 0;


   return 0;


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