C program to allocate memory dynamically for 2-d array, C/C++ Programming

Aim: To implement a program to allocate memory dynamically for 2 dimensional array (accept and print matrix) using pointers.




class matrix


            int **p,r,c,i,j;




                        void getdata();

                        void display();


matrix::matrix(int x,int y)




            p=new int *[r];


                        p[i]=new int [c];





                        delete p[i];

            delete p;

            cout<<"\nMemory deallocated successfully\n";


void matrix::getdata()


            cout<<"\nEnter matrix values:\n";



                        cout<<"Enter values for row:"<





void matrix::display()


            cout<<"\nThe matrix is:\n";








void main()


            int rows,cols;


            cout<<"Enter number of rows and columns for a matrix\n";

            cout<<"Enter number of rows\n";


            cout<<"Enter number of columns\n";


            matrix A(rows,cols);






Enter number of rows and columns for a matrix

Enter number of rows                                                           


Enter number of columns                                                        


Enter the values of the matrix                                                 

Enter values for row 1                                                         

1 2 3                                                                          

Enter values for row 2                                                         

4 5 6                                                                           

Enter values for row 3                                                         

7 8 9                                                                          

The matrix is                                                                   

1       2       3                                                              

4       5       6                                                              

7       8       9                                                               

Memory deallocated successfully

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