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Assume variables x, f, and d are of type int, float, and double, respectively.  Their values are arbitrary, except that neither f nor d equals +∞, -∞, or NaN.  For each of the following C expressions, either argue that it will always be true (i.e., evaluate to 1) or give a value for the variables such that it is not true (i.e., evaluates to 0).

A.    d == (double) (int) d

B.     f == (float) (int) f

C.     f == (float) -(double) -f

D.    x == -(-x)

E.     (x != -x) || (x == 0)

F.      1.0/2 == 1/2

G.    f * f >= 0

H.    (d + f) - d == (double)f

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