Brief on mistakes in linton’s evaluation, Financial Management

Mistakes in Linton's evaluation

(1) The preliminary investment in working capital should be offset by a working capital release in the final year, assuming a constant level of inventory-holding until the last year.

(2) The interest cost though a cash outflow in reality should be subsumed in the overall cost of capital. Linton's evaluation baffled the investment decision with the financing decision. If the project were estimate by the new owners Deighton's required return of 20% would be the correct rate of discount (assuming no impact on Deighton's risk).

(3) No scrap value was revealed for either the old equipment or the new machine at the end of four years.

(4) Depreciation isn't a cash outflow By deducting the depreciation charge Linton has double-counted for the capital cost.

(5) Though the annual depreciation allowances (WDA) do affect the tax outflows. These were mistreated.

(6) No tax delay was legitimate for.

(7) The transparency charge was over-stated. Merely half of the amount charged appears to be incremental.

(8) The market research cost whatsoever it relates to is irrelevant that is it is sunk except a buyer could be found for the report.


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