Behaviour change communication, Biology

Behavior means responses or reactions or acting in any situation.

Change means act of changing or to become different or to modify.

Behaviour Change can refer to any modification of human behavior. These days the most common term used in public health is Behavior Change Communication, a broad range of activities and approaches which focus on the individual, community, and environmental influences on behavior. Another closely related activity is IEC.

Information means knowledge received regarding something or telling something to an individual about a person or a thing or a subject. For example, you can tell people about diabetes as a disease.

Education means preparing oneself for life or getting knowledge or skills for change in behaviour. For example, a person having history of diabetes in family will take precautions and change life style. Communication means interchange of opinion or information by means of writing, speech or signs or means of sending messages. For example, pamphlets regarding diabetes with messages on diet, exercise, checking blood sugar can be used to give information.

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