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Blending is an important unit operation in the chemical and process industries. It is employed in a wide variety of industries including the production of cement and gasoline.

Consider the mixing of 2 acids, nitric acid and concentrated sulphuric acid, to produce a mixed acid. The composition of the acids is as follows:-

Sulphuric Acid: 95% w/w H2SO4, 5% w/w H2O

Nitric Acid: 30% w/w HNO3, 70% w/w H2O

Mixed Acid 75% w/w H2SO4, 6.3% w/w HNO3, 18.7% w/w H2O

a) If it is required to produce 1000kg/day of mixed acid then calculate the daily requirement of nitric and sulphuric acid

b) Due to an upstream processing problem the amount of nitric acid that can be supplied is reduced to 150 kg/day. If the feed rate of sulphuric acid remains the same as before, determine the new composition of the mixed acid product.
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