Average function value of even and odd function, Mathematics

Average Function Value

The first application of integrals which we'll see is the average value of a function. The given fact tells us how to calculate this.

Average Function Value

The average value of function f ( x ) over the interval [a,b] is specified by,

                                               favg = 1/(b-a)     ∫baf ( x ) dx

Let's work on some quick examples.

Example Find out the average value of following functions on the specified interval.

f (t ) = t 2 - 5t + 6 cos (∏, t ) on  [-1, 5/2 ]


There's actually not a lot to do in this problem other than just utilizes the formula.

f avg      =  1/   ((5/2)-(-1)∫(5/2)(-1)  t2 - 5t + 6cos( ∏ t) dt|(-1)(5/2)

           = (2/7)((1/3)t3-(5/2)t2+(6/ ∏)sin(∏ t) |(-1)(5/2)

            = 12/7 ∏ - 13/6

            = -1.620993

You caught the substitution required for the third term right?

Therefore, the average value of this function of the given interval is -1.620993.

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