Assume a base cost for a conference room, Cost Accounting

A local hotel offers lodging services.  You can pick a name for the hotel(Home Sweet Home Hotel). Your team will develop a prototype reservation system to record client bookings for reservations.  Your application will record the date and time for the reservation, the number of guests per room.  The reservations will be stored in a database or flat file. There are 2 levels of rooms: suites or regular rooms.  Suite rooms can house 4 people; regular rooms can house 2 people.

A person reserving a suite guest room may also request optional business services such as high speed internet, conference facilities, fax services and copy machine services.  A person reserving a regular guest room may also request optional business services such as high speed internet, fax services and copy machine services, but not a conference room.  If a conference room is requested, additional amenities such as coffee service, catered lunch are available at extra cost per person.  Your application must also record and store requested business services. Your application will calculate and display the estimated bill for all services requested by a guest; they will be included in that guests room bill.

Services include

Lodging type, date(s)

Conference room

Coffee service

Lunch catering

high speed internet

fax services

copy machine services


1. Only one lodging room reservation allowed per day per guest (this is to make it easier for you!)

2. Bookings can only be 6 months in advance ( this is to make it easier for you!)

3. Coffee service can be

  • Coffee & tea only
  • Coffee, tea and breakfast breads
  • Coffee, tea and breakfast breads & hot breakfast entrees


4. Lunch catering can be

  • Appetizers
  • Buffet
  • Sitdown meal


Regarding costs:

Assume a base cost for each type of lodging room

Assume a base cost for a Conference room

Assume the headcount determines cost for coffee service or lunch catering.

Use a file, an array or database to manage reservations.

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