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Define inter process communication (ipc), The term IPC (Inter-Process Commu...

The term IPC (Inter-Process Communication) defines several paths by which different process executing on some operating system interact between each other.

Why do organisations need a structure, Problem 1: (a) The grouping of o...

Problem 1: (a) The grouping of organisational activities (usually into ‘departments' or larger ‘divisions') can be done in different ways. Outline 7 criteria which can be used

What is file allocation?, What is File Allocation? The structure that ...

What is File Allocation? The structure that offers the FAT file system its name is the file allocation table . In order to know what this important table does, you should fir

Describe what is meant by client-server computing, Question 1: (a) Desc...

Question 1: (a) Describe what is meant by Client-server Computing? (b) Distinguish between a server process and a client process. (c) What are the basic characteristics o

Difference between message passing and shared memory, Problem: a) To en...

Problem: a) To ensure proper operation, the operating system and all the other programs must be protected from any malfunctioning program. Describe a mechanism which is impleme

Hj, scheduling


Deadlock prevention-resource allocation graph allocation, Explain Deadlock ...

Explain Deadlock Prevention-Resource allocation graph allocation Resource allocation graph algorithm :  Using this algorithm we are able to actually know if there exists in th

Implementation of lru, 1. On every access, mark the page with a timestamp. ...

1. On every access, mark the page with a timestamp. Whenever we need to evict a page, we search through memory for the oldest page, the least-recently used page. But we need memory

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