Annotated bibliography guidelines, Public Economics

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you an opportunity to enhance your skills related to use of APA format to cite references and selection of research articles most relevant to your topic and question of interest.

1. Develop a research topic area of interest to you

a. Topic area should be relevant to the research interest area of your primary advisor for the Scholarly Project and should relate to an evidenced based clinical or educational scholarly project that addresses a health issue targeting an underserved population and health disparities.

b. Indicate specific underserved population of interest

c. Contact Primary Advisor to validate that topic area and population are appropriate for project

2. Select and read abstracts of 30 research studies and/or literature reviews relevant to topic

a. Annotated Bibliography of first 10 abstracts. Submit electronically and bring copy to class (See syllabus for submission date).

b. Complete annotated Bibliography of all 30 abstracts. Submit electronically (See syllabus for submission date).

3. Instructions for completing Annotated Bibliography


a. Provide 2 to 3 sentence introduction that states

i. Topic area of interest

ii. Population of interest

iii. Relevance of topic to Clinical Practice or Nursing Education depending on your program of study. Discuss how the project relates to an evidenced based clinical or educational scholarly project that addresses a health issue targeting an underserved population and health disparities.


a. Begin this section with an in-text APA citation to identify each article

b. Use two paragraphs to discuss each article

c. In paragraph 1, complete a 3 sentence summary of each article. Begin the paragraph with author's names, for example: Banks and Sherrod (2012) found ...

d. In paragraph 2, begin with one sentence to discuss the relevancy of the study or literature review to your topic area

e. The remainder of the second paragraph should include a 4 to 5 sentence conclusion that states

i. 3 things you learned about your topic by completion of the annotated bib

ii. 2 new questions you have about the topic

iii. 1 new question you have about the samples used in studies

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