an Apriori algorithm, Database Management System

Submission Requirements
All answers must be computer generated (including text and diagrams).
The hand-in version must include a header page (or with sufficient space) indicating: student name, course number and assignment number.

Question 1(90 pts): The transactions are presented in the table. Let min sup =3 and min conf = 80%.

TID items bought
T1 I1,I1,I2,I3,I4, I5, I6
T2 I7, I2, I3, I4, I5, I6
T3 I1, I8, I4, I5
T4 I1, I9, I10, I4, I6
T5 I10, I2, I2, I4, I 5

(a) Use an Apriori algorithm to find all frequent itemsets.
(b) Use an FP-growth algorithm to find all frequent itemsets.
(c) Find all of the strong association rules. Provide support, confidence, and lift for all the rule. Provide the reasons why the rules you selected are interesting.

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