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Q. Advantages and disadvantages inventory procedure?

Advantages as well as disadvantages of specific identification Companies that utilize the specific identification method of inventory costing state their cost of goods sold and ending inventory at the actual cost of specific units sold and on hand. Some accountants disagree that this method provides the most precise matching of costs and revenues and is thus the most theoretically sound method. This statement is factual for some one-of-a-kind items such like autos or real estate. For these items utilize of any other method would seem illogical.

One disadvantage of the specific identification method is that it allows the manipulation of income. For instance assume that a company bought three identical units of a given product at different prices. One unit cost USD 2000 and the second cost USD 2100 and the third cost USD 2200. The company trade one unit for USD 2800. The units are similar so the customer doesn't care which of the identical units the company ships. But the gross margin on the sale could be either USD 800 USD 700 or USD 600 depending on which unit the company ships.

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