a bot and php command panel, DOT NET Programming

Deat Sir/Madam,

I need a small software .NET2.0 in C#
That search for files by
- name
- extension
- part of the name (contains)
- file created before a date provided
This search agent must support search in mounted USB drive too.

And upload the files found to localhost php command panel

* The admin panel must have a place to perform the search commands

* the admin panel must display files metadata and pic info

* The Admin panel must have login, logout ,change password

* The admin panel must support multiple computers that runs the search agent

* the admin panel must have an option to uninstall agent from computer.

Let me know if everything are clear or you need more details.

Best regards,
Posted Date: 12/11/2016 11:18:23 PM | Location : Jordan

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