scientific hypothesis or hypothes, Physics

1. A statement of the scientific hypothesis/hypotheses you have decided to address in your analyses, with a rationale for each.

From the rational of the study, the amount of vitamin D status in the body affected by various factors for example the duration of sun light exposure, season and sun protection measures. There are various hypothesis will be addressed in this study.

1- Ha: Vitamin D status is affected by the duration of sun light exposure.
H0: Vitamin D status is not affected by the duration of sun light exposure.

Addressing this hypothesis is for testing the level of vitamin D in accordance to the duration of sun light exposure. Testing this hypothesis with the independent variable (duration of sun light exposure) will allow finding what is the amount of time (duration) of exposure to sun light contributes to manufacture vitamin D.

2- Ha: Vitamin D status is affected by season.
H0: Vitamin D status is not affected by season.

This hypothesis is for testing the status of vitamin D according to the season. This study conducted in winter (June-August 2010), therefore the status of vitamin D in winter will found.

3- Ha: Vitamin D status is affected by sun protection measures.
H0: Vitamin D status is not affected by sun protection measures.

This hypothesis is to test the independent variable (sun protection measures) and the status of vitamin D. it will show if the use of sun protection measures will interfere with vitamin D manufacture in the body and therefore the insufficiency or not. 

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