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The study of thermodynamics involves the study of flow of heat. Thermodynamics deals with change in energy accompanying in all chemical and physical processes. Thermodynamics determines the extent which a process can proceed before equilibrium including chemical reaction. It is examined by two main laws known as first law of thermodynamics and second law of thermodynamics.

Some of basic terms

System : A system is defined as specified portion of matter which is separated from rest of universe called surrounding. It consists one or more substances.

Surrounding: It is defined as the rest of universe which might be in position to exchange matter and energy with system.

Types of System

Isolated System: It is defined as the system which can exchange neither energy nor matter from its surroundings.

Open System: It is defined as the system which can exchange energy as well as matter with its surroundings.

Closed System: It is defined as system which can exchange energy only. It cannot exchange matter with its surroundings.

Topics covered in thermodynamics

1. Introduction to Thermodynamics
2. System and Types of System
3. Macroscopic Properties (Extensive and Intensive Properties)
4. Defining Thermodynamics Process and Types
5. Zero Law of Thermodynamics
6. First Law of Thermodynamics
7. Enthalpy of A System
8. Limitation of First Law of Thermodynamics
9. Second Law of Thermodynamics
10. Gibbs Free Energy
11. Third Law of Thermodynamics
12. Specific Heat
13. Comb Calorimeter
14. Hess’s Law and It’s Application 15. More Topics