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Thermal Physics

Generally speaking Thermal physics is a basically a field of physics that deals with temperature and heat. You might have heard of topics like global warming, then the Earth's solid and liquid cores, or the way in which energy flows from the center of the Sun to its surface, to know all these phenomena we need to study and understand thermal physics. Combined study of statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and kinetic theory is known as Thermal physics. Each of the above subject is core heat related subject and this thermal science provides introduction to each of the subject. Some other authors, however, claim that thermal physics is nothing but loosely as a summation of only statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. Temperature is a very familiar thing, known to all of us, is a vital part of thermal physics. In our daily life the way we speak every day, temperature and heat mean the same thing to us. But in the very language of thermal physics, the two terms have their own distinct meanings. We can define heat as the amount of thermal energy that is stored in an object. Heat has the ability to flow from one object to another, resulting in the transferring of energy. The fundamental physics of heat and its flows are described by the Laws of Thermodynamics. When you study the statistical nature of a physical system basically on the basis of energy perspective then it’s called thermal physics. Thermal physics analyzes many important concepts and other things, for example starting with the basics of heat, temperature, and then it also analyzes the first law of thermodynamics and the second law of thermodynamics from the statistical perspective. Canonical Probability Distribution is a central topic in thermal physics. In this field we study the electromagnetic nature of phonons and photons which show that there is a similarity between oscillations of the crystal lattices and the electromagnetic fields. Various topics that come under the study of thermal physics include: the quantum nature of an ideal gas that is in terms of bosons and fermions, chemical potential, Bose-Einstein condensation, Helmholtz free energy, chemical equilibrium, Gibbs free energy, phase equilibrium, entropy at absolute zero, transport processes as mean free path, the equipartition theorem, viscosity, and conduction etc.

Thermal physics is divided in various sections. The subsections of thermal physics are laws of thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, heat transfer, thermal nature of materials, and study of different types of heat. Different types of engine mechanism and cycles of heat depend upon the basics of thermal physics. Thus the thermal physics is very important part of physics and the study of thermal physics is very necessary.

The area of thermal physics is

1. Thermodynamics & Laws of Thermodynamics
2. Macroscopic Expensive Intensive Property
3. Heat Transfer
4. Types of Heat
5. Enthalpy
6. Kinetic Theory of Gases
7. Calorimetry and Specific Heat
8. Thermal Nature of Materials
9. Applications of Bond Energies

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