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Only one kind of magnetism was known until 1821 that is the one produced by iron magnets. After that Hans Christian Oersted, a Danish scientist, while demonstrating the flow of an electric current in a conducting wire to his friends, observed that the current flowing through the wire caused a nearby compass needle to move. Andre-Marie Ampere studied this new phenomenon and concluded that the nature of magnetism was entirely different from what everybody had believed. So it was basically a force between electric currents which can be either attractive or repulsive. When two parallel wires carry currents in the same direction they attract each other, whereas if they carry in opposite directions, they repel. Ampere explained that iron magnets are very special cases of magnetism. Magnetism is a basically a property shown by a material, when it is subjected to an applied magnetic field. That response can be either at an atomic or a subatomic level. There are various types of magnetic materials. There are some materials known as ferromagnetic materials which produce their own persistent magnetic field and this form of these materials is known as ferromagnetism. And practically speaking, all materials are influenced to a lesser or greater extent by the presence of a magnetic field. Some materials show Paramagnetism which are attracted to the magnetic field while some other materials show Diamagnetism which are repelled by the magnetic field. There also exist others substances which have a much more complex relationship with the applied magnetic field. Copper, aluminium, gases, and plastic these materials are negligibly affected by the applied magnetic fields and are known as non-magnetic substances. The magnetic state or phase of a material depends on temperature as well as other variables such as pressure and strength of applied magnetic field. So the same material may exhibit more than one form of magnetism depending on its temperature and other factors . Magnetism mainly arises from two sources. Firstly from electric currents or mostly, moving electric charges create magnetic fields which can be seen by observing see Maxwell's Equations. Many particles have nonzero "spin" or "intrinsic” magnetic moments. So each particle, by its nature, has a certain charge and mass, each has a specific magnetic moment.

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