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Introduction to Kinematics Physics

Kinematics simply means the study of motion. In other words, Kinematics (from Greek κινεῖν, kinein, to move) is field of classical mechanics that describes the motion of bodies or objects and systems that is groups of objects without consideration of the forces that cause the motion. You should not confuse kinematics with another branch of classical mechanics that is analytical dynamics which studies the relationship between the motion of objects and its causes, sometimes subdivided into kinetics which is the study of the relation between external forces and motion and statics which deals with the study of the relations in a system at equilibrium. Kinematics is also different from dynamics as used in modern-day physics to describe time-evolution of a system. Somebody might group it with kinetics but it is not the same as kinetics which involves the action of forces to change the motion of a body. To understand kinematics you have to know calculus well and in this subject we will be concentrating on the graphs of bodies in motion. The most common and simple application of kinematics is for particle motion whether it is translational or rotational. The next level of complexity comes with the introduction of rigid bodies having time invariant distances between themselves. Rigid bodies can undergo either translation or rotation or a combination of both the motions. Kinematics of a system of rigid bodies may be linked together by mechanical joints is a more complicated case. Moreover kinematics can be used to find the possible range of motion for a given mechanism, working in reverse, can be used to design a mechanism that has a desired range of motion. The oscillations of a piston in an engine and he movement of a crane are both simple kinematic systems. The piston is part of a closed four-bar linkage, while the crane is a type of open kinematic chain. In kinematics we study the motion of normal objects which is visible, has edges and its location can be expressed with (x, y, z) coordinates. Positions are usually described by mathematical quantities that have all these three attributes. The most common are complex numbers and vectors quantities. But usually, only vectors are used. And for measurement of directions and distances, three dimensional coordinate systems are used with the origin coinciding with the reference point. .

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