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Introduction of Biophysics & Concepts

With growing technologies our society is facing various physical and biological problems of global proportions. Will we be able to feed the world’s large population? How will we stop global warming? Will we be able to preserve the biological diversity? How do we save clean and plentiful water which is our life? So, here is Biophysics for all of us to provide technologies for meeting these challenges, based on the mechanisms of biology and the principles of physics. Biology studies our life, its variety and complexity and physics looks for mathematical laws of nature and makes predictions about the forces that drive idealized systems. The main challenge of Biophysics is to span the distance between the complexity of life and the simplicity of physical laws. In other words biophysics acts as a bridge between biology and physics. Biophysicists’ main job is to study life at each and every level, that is from atoms-molecules to cells, organisms, and environments etc. As more innovations come out of biology and physics labs, biophysicists find new areas to explore and can apply their expertise. They learn new things and create new tools. Besides these Biophysics also discovers how the atoms are arranged to work in proteins and DNA. Biophysicists are discovering how do proteins work actually and these type of mysteries are solved gradually. Now credit goes to biophysics for letting us know exactly where the thousands of atoms are located in more than 50,000 different proteins..Biophysics showed how DNA acts and serves as the book of our life. During the 2000’s, biophysical inventions have decoded all the genes in a human body. All the human genes which are of nearly 200 different species and some other genes from more than 100,000 other species have been determined too. Biophysicists’ aim is to analyze those determined genes to learn how these organisms are related and how individuals differ. Biophysics is a very useful innovation for our high-tech economy nowadays and its applications depend on society’s needs. In the 20th century, biophysics did great progress in treating disease. It helped in creating powerful vaccines against various infectious diseases. For example biophysics described and controlled diseases of metabolism, such as diabetes etc. Besides these biophysics also provides both the understanding and the tools for treating the diseases of growth known as cancers. Biophysical methods are becoming popular day by day and extensively used to serve our everyday needs, from forensic science to bioremediation. Various medical imaging technologies including MRI, CAT scans, sonograms and PET scans, etc which are used for diagnosing diseases are nothing but gifts of biophysics.

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