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Do your struggle while understanding the subject of English? Is a feeling of scariness associated with the subject of English in your mind? Are you unable to fully understand and comprehend the subject of English during the classroom lectures? Do have pending assignment and homework relating to the subject of English? We at Experts Mind can provide you all the solutions for all your problems which relate to the subject of English.

At Experts Mind we follow one-to-one student targeted approach, which makes the online English tutoring process very simple and convenient for the student. The specific approach enables us to provide the exact answer to the student’s specific question. We cover all the topics of the subject of English and you can rely on the tutors of Experts Mind to provide you guidance for creative writing, vocabulary, analyzing literature, final English exam study, book reports or grammar.

Tutors of Experts Mind

The tutors of Experts Mind are decorated with higher degrees (Master’s and PhD’s) and are also richly experienced as they have undertaken numerous successful online English tutoring sessions and provided solutions to innumerable assignments and home work which relate to the subject of English. The tutors are able to solve the problems of the student in multiple ways. This helps in making the fundamentals of the students stronger.

The student-focused approach of Experts Mind makes the online English tutoring better than the standard classroom teaching

We use some most modern state-of-the-art tools for providing online English tutoring. Each student is provided an individual tutor who guides the student throughout the course length. This student specific approach makes our online tutoring better than the classroom teaching as the student is able to interact with the tutor at a greater extent and the entire focus of the tutor is on the student. You can see the tutor, listen and talk to him online, do file sharing, conduct real time review of your drafts and essays, and can also use the whiteboard provided which enhances the level of interaction.

Student specific packages and programs

At Experts Mind we understand that each student has his own pace of learning and skill set. Therefore we offer our programs in instant as well as scheduled packages. The student can select the program which matches his pace of learning. Customized programs for individual topics of English are also available. You can rely on the tutors of Experts Mind to solve both your complex as well as simple problems with ease. Our tutors can also help you in reviewing the questions of grammar, literature, reading comprehension and make you well prepared for your upcoming exam. You can also chat with the tutor about the latest English novel you have read and question him about a passage you are finding difficult to understand! Further, you can also create or proofread an essay with the tutors help. Studying with Experts Mind is like having a literary expert at home. The online English tutoring sessions of Experts Mind are available for the students of all school and college levels.

A recorded demo of the online English tutoring session is available online. You can also opt for 15 minutes of free tutoring session before buying the entire program session. r convincing yourself, you can contact us by entering your school or college grade, subject, specific problem area and we will provide you with the details of packages along with their pricings that best suit your requirements.

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