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Sales Promotion

When a company starts its business, most of the factors come along the way of the company so the company talks about certain parameters like promotion of the business either the promotion with the help of advertising, with the help of advertisement, with the help of marketing, with the help of television channels, media, newspaper, articles, books, magazines or any other.

Sales promotion is often a key component within an integrated brand promotion campaign. As the Glad example highlights, sales promotion like dealer incentives and coupons can attract attention and give new energy to the advertising and the IBP effort. Sales promotion helps the company in achieving the major part of the success and profitability. Sales promotion teaches the company in achieving various positions from low profits to high profits and growth,

Sales promotion helps the company spreading its business worldwide while mass media advertising is designed to build a brand image over time, sales promotion is immediate and conspicuous and designed to make things happen in a hurry. Used properly, sales promotion is capable of almost instant demand stimulation, like the kind that contests and sweepstakes can create.

Sales promotion has greater advantage in creating success for the company. It has an ultimate advantage and benefits in creating the success and also it helps in understanding of various methods of sales promotion. It helps in various methods of sales promotion like increasing the business through providing the coupons to employees or customers for their great amount of work, provide gifts with purchase, provide discounts with purchase and also arrange competition and other fun activities to increase the sale in the company so that they can hire more number of stalls and hawkers and can earn a lot of amount from this activity where one will have to pay a great amount for eating or drinking something which have become a part of success and business for the company these days.

The “message” in a sales promotion features price reduction, a prize, or some other incentive for consumers to try a brand or for a retailer to feature the brand in the store. Sales promotion has proven to be a popular complement to mass media advertising because it accomplishes things advertising cannot. Sales promotion is designed to affect demand differently than advertising does. The role of sales promotion is primarily to elicit an immediate purchase from the customer. Other sales promotion such as frequency programs provide an affiliation value with a brand which increases a consumers ability and desire to identify the particular brand.

Sales promotions are used across all consumer goods categories and in the trade and business markets as well. When a firm determines that a more immediate response is called for-whether the target customer is a household, business buyer, distributor, or retailer-sales promotion are designed to provide that incentive. When a firm wants to attract new users, sales promotion tools can reduce the consumer’s risk of trying something new. A reduced price, offer of a rebate, or a free sample may stimulate trial purchase. Because sales promotion can attract attention and motivate trial purchase, it is commonly used for new brand introduction. One of the most successful uses of sales promotions to introduce a new brand was when the makers of Cured bandages wanted to introduce their new kid-size bandage. 7.5 million Sample packs were distributed in McDonald’s Happy Meal sacks.

The promotion was a huge success, with initial sales exceeding estimates by 30 percent. Because sales promotion often motivates consumers to buy in larger quantities or try new brands, they can be used to disrupt competitors marketing strategies. If a firm knows that one of its competitors is launching a new product, a new brand or initiating a new advertising campaign, a well-timed sales promotion offering deep discounts or extra quantity can disrupt the competitor’s strategy.

There are certain steps and measures in sales promotions:

Prospecting the customers: By this strategy company become able to generate the leads and achieve the success. It helps in contact with the customer for further deals and further process. It also helps in achieving the target which is a part of sales promotion.

Prepare the leads: Preparing the leads means to maintain the customers with their contact number’s to maintain the customer’s with all their necessary information for updates and for follow-up’s.

Approach the customer: when you have the leads and when you have prepared those leads then your work starts up for making a call to those customers whom you feel is potential and beneficial for your ways and for you.

Giving the presentation: How you present him with your necessary information and with all the particular attraction to your customer will make them feel satisfied with your presentation.

Handling objectives: When you provide all the necessary information in your presentation to the customer he will ask to resolve his query so how you maintain and handle the calls and resolve his issues will matter lot.

Closing: It is depend on your skill how you close the sale.

Following: when you end up the call by closing the sale then your step do not ends or finished because you again have one more step to follow up the customer for service.