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Packaging-A term of Marketing

Packaging is known as creativity means when the product is going to launch or when the product starts manufacturing it needs to be packaged in a kind way and in a very creative way so that it can be prepared for good uses and the company can benefit good advantage with that product. It is known as designing, evaluating, production and packages. Packaging refers to protection, preserves, transport, informs and sells. Packaging has many objectives:

1. Physical protection: packaging helps in protecting the goods or products which have been manufactured and which are ready for use and ready for delivered. It helps in the form of protection from various discharges like vibration, shock, temperature, electrostatic discharge and many more. For example: if we are going to purchase milk from a very famous mother dairy then it is very well packaged and very much safe and secure because when we purchase the packet of milk we don’t see that there is any leakage or there is any defect while travelling to home from the milk shop or milk farm. The way they do packaging is for its physical protection so that the entire process could not get into under protected.

2. Marketing: when we talk about marketing in terms of packaging, we know that it encourages the potential buyers and make them feel belief about our brand and about our product. The way they do market their goods and product, the way they applies the labels and packaging attracts the customer. For example: if we take an example of Cadbury’s then the packaging we feel is so impressive and we gets impressed to purchase the product of Cadbury’s. The part of packaging and labeling is so soothing and touching that it creates a surface of innovativeness.

3. Protection of barrier: Packaging helps in being safe for the health point of view in life of human because it helps in the product to be free from dust, chemicals, water vapor, oxygen and other harmful chemicals. As it is packaged and it is free from all the dust, we can feel it is safe and healthy from the healthy point. For example: if we talk about juices and the real juice for example: when it is packed we understand that it is surely not going to give any harm to our health.

For example:

Mike Duke the president and CEO of Wal-mart say that sustainability is sustainable at Wal-mart. He saves people money so they can live better. Wal-mart global presence till date is 14 countries. And they have total units of 8838 in number. Mr. Mike Duke is able to keep the sustainability which is the biggest goal of Wal-mart. He is able to sustain its customers and people through his journey. The sustainability is almost 360 degree with all its employees, suppliers, customers, associates, communities etc. which provides a better productivity, growth, increase in sale, and operate less. In the year 2010, he has launched the global sustainable agriculture platform after struggling from a long time. In the year 2005, Mr. Duke has given the speech on leadership, in the year 2006, he launched successfully the packaging scorecard to set the goals of the company, in the year 2007 the concentrated laundry goal has been announced and there was a release of first sustainability report. He set the goal of plastic bag waste reduction and also met the goal to purchase concentrated detergent in the year 2008 and also china sustainability summit has been released. There was a success of 38%. In the year 2009, he met the goal to design and open stores that are more efficient and which reduce the green house gases. Thus the sustainable product index has been announced and 60% success has been achieved by Mr. Duke in 2009. In the year 2010, he has launched the global sustainable agriculture platform after struggling from a long time. He thus created zero waste in the production of the goods; he reduces green house gases by using reusable bags etc. He created a sustainable environment for his employees and so employed a sustainable agriculture for his farmers who can also lead a better life so that the farmers can bring a more affordable and high quality food to our customers. By the end of the year 2015 Wal-mart will eliminate 20 million metric tons of green house gases from their global supply chain so that will represent one and half times our anticipated cumulative carbon footprint growth over the next years.

Packaging machines thus when used in the company at the time of manufacturing and purchase then it does not talk about the labor’s hand. They use machines and all useful materials for the term of packaging. It reduces the harm and also helps in achieve the health.