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Marketing channel is a medium to talk to the consumers like television, internet, websites, magazines, newspaper, books and many more. We are here going to describe the best to understand about the useful advantage of marketing channels.

To do a business means to generate the customer and for that there should be no communication gap and the first step which requires is to handle the system then to maintain the calls. For being ensure about the needs and wants of the customer first we would need to communicate and interact with the customer from which we can know about the real desire of the person and then only we would be able to satisfy him in all respects which is only possible by the help of the channels of marketing.

Now let’s talk about the documents part which is most useful to manage their expectations for doing a marketing research:

The details of their background (personal / professional) which includes customer name, his profile (phone number/address) his financial budget, income, his family background (how many members are present in his family) his desire and willingness as well as his interest level which we should know to satisfy their needs because without this document we would not be able to identify what they want. The customer profile form would be the most useful form to manage their expectations.

When we talk about Dettol, the message used in advertisement are: Only healthy skin is soft and smooth, Dettol antiseptic, Dettol soap, New Dettol fresh! Stay protected, stay fresh with new Dettol, Whose hands are you holding? Good health begins with hygiene.

All these lines printed and associated with the product advertisement. The company use all types of communication channel like Medium are TV, Radio, Newspaper, Wall print, Posters, Hoardings, Banners, Outdoor advertisements etc for their better profits. The company also focuses on building the power brand for high growth strategy and invested highly to build the continuous innovation, Geographic expansion to gain the market share as a marketing strategy.

The most effective advertisement is “Dettol KID” in the year 2009. This is a print ad for hand wash. By this advertisement the company target children and we know that every family are highly caring and sensitive for their child so, by the help of Kid they cover the entire group. Family always knows the important of the caring of the child and they always work on this area by this ad the company easily communicates to the whole family about the caring and protection.

All hand which uses to touch and give love to their child may be reason of the some problem for the child because in hand also having lots of germ which affect the child and anyone so, the question is how we can control so, and the answer is very simple by the help of Dettol we can control.

When we talk about Max Brenner Café, Max Brenner the prestigious café introduced in the 1996 in Israel by Max Fitch man and Oded Brenner so, the name of the this café introduced by the first name of the first founder and the surname of the second founder. Now after 2001 Strauss group has become the part of this company who is a food product manufacturer in Israel who focuses mostly on dairy products so, this group has merged elite group to his company who focuses on chocolate , Coffee and dry snacks food and Max Fitch man is no longer associated with this company. The Max Brenner is an Israel Chain of chocolate restaurant which has slowly expanded their stores in the different cities by the Bald Man who is now the owner of Max Brenner. He also wrote lot many books for the recipes of chocolates. In the Melbourne city the Max Brenner is a prestigious chocolate shop which has renowned in the year 2006. There is one unique culture created by THE BALD MAN who creates new invention in the field of Chocolate world.

The Initiator who introduced the love story of chocolate by the introduced Max Brenner café after getting an inspiration from the novel he used to write at the age of twenty…He used to get taught how to make a toffee from his grand pa Geppetto at the age of Six years. So, we came to know that he was a die heart lover of making toffees and high dream to open chocolate shop and provide a different and unique taste in term of chocolate to the lover of Chocolate world. He started his journey not after the age of twenty but at the age of six itself while seeing a dream. Chocolate in Max Brenner is just like a piece of fine jewellery at every corner of store. Max Brenner defined his own views and interpretation on the chocolate products in the market.

The Max Brenner has eight cafés introduced in the lively and lovely areas entire Melbourne within different areas of DONCASTER , GLEN WAVERLEY , MARIBYRNONG , MELBOURNE CENTRAL , QUEEN VICTORIA BUILDING , SOUTH MELBOURNE , TAYLORS LAKES.

Max Brenner Coffee is made of 100% Arabica means at medium roast level resulting in the flavor of Caramel hints and the finishing has don by distinct chocolates.

He has used the strategy of his own experience which helped him in reaching the best and to achieve the success.