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Market Analysis:

Marketing analysis helps in understanding about the market, about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are a framework for developing a marketing strategy. The strength is a source the organization uses to achieve its goals and objectives effectively. The major strength is the environment which makes the company unique in our way. The motivation, success comes from new and luxurious events which can be seen in the demo that a company gives in some sort of event. The employees are given a good motivation and training so that they can greet the customers and serve them well and customers can feel loyalty coming in the company.

It is to investigate about the market in terms of size, force, facility, purchases, promotions etc. its size represents about current and future probabilities, and it determines the attractiveness of the customers.

A market analysis complements the industry analysis, emphasizing the demand side of the equation. In a market analysis an advertiser examines the factors that drive and determine the market for the firm’s product or service. First the advertiser needs to decide just exactly what the market is for the product. Most often the market for a given good or service is simply defined as current users. The idea here is that consumers figure out for themselves whether they want the product or not and thus define the market for themselves and for the advertiser.

This approach has wisdom to it. It is very simple and easy to defend, and very conservative. Few executives get fired for choosing this market definition. However, it completely ignores those consumers who might otherwise be persuaded to use the product.

A market analysis commonly begins by stating just who the current users are, and hopefully why they are the current users. Consumer’s motivations for using one product or one service but not another may very well provide the advertiser with the means toward a significant expansion of the entire market. If the entire pie grows, the firm’s slice usually does as well. The advertiser’s job in a market analysis is to find out the most important market factors and why they are so important. It is at this stage in the situation analysis that account planning can play an important role.

Sales and marketing officer should be there who can judge the best possible areas for advertisement and for better market strategy and plans so that more number of people can be aware of this business. This team will do the research in particular location and nearby surroundings so that the business can earn much profit. He will be given a particular target and he will be given some source of client data and details so that could be beneficial in doing a research and arranging a survey and a questionnaires.

It does not matter that how good your product and service is but the business cannot success without effective marketing, communication tools, marketing strategies etc. Marketing research provides all the valuable information data which create path, blueprint or future framework strategy, tactics, area which needs improvement and core strength of the business. So we can say that marketing research is one kind of tracking systematic process which gives all the information to me by which I can develop my business plan. Marketing research become successful by good analysis of market.

Market analysis helps to understand the situation of the market, to understand the circumstances of the market, to know about the current requirements, latest trends which are useful in the market and for the people of market, market analysis helps in identifying the size of the people, the requirements of the product, the importance of the product and the real estimates which gets identified by market analysis.

Marketing analysis should have specific result and objective and the data and information should be design accordingly. In the marketing plan, there will be some facts and figures, statistical data, number; sources should be on basis of projected or defined objectives etc. The data are related to facts about the industry means total size of the market, current demand in target market, trends in the target market, competitors, barriers in the business, products, total cost location information of the existing layers etc. When a marketer introduces new business require a unique strategy and market survey in an effective manner. To conduct the survey and research should have specific objective. Market opportunity provide the Information and futuristic path of the introduce business. Data and information give the facts and figures about the potential of the business. Opportunities can be define in initial stage monetary and non monetary depends on the situation. Opportunities are the key factor for success of the business. All valuable information comes by the data collect from the existing customers and local people. Their feedback and knowledge provides n number of the information about the competitors.