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What is a product?

When you talk about product, what comes first in your mind?

The item which will give some benefits.

The goods which satisfy one’s need in some form or another.

When we talk about the product, one thing come in mind that a product could be anything which will satisfy the needs of people by its benefits and uses. A product is creating a need and satisfying those needs if I am not wrong because a product helps in understanding your needs and requirements and also fulfills it by its important characteristics and uses as well benefits.

Product can be anything from diaper of children to the dining sets; it could be the electronic products, food stuffs, stationary items, garments, grocery materials, medicine, daily vegetables, bags, wallets, perfumes, deodorants, belts, mobile phones, laptops, washing machine, television, posters, children games, kitchen utensils and any other and many more.

From the point of marketing, a product helps in a process of satisfaction to the customers. A product is a kind of thing which is needed by an each individual. When you talk about metro cities, water is also a product. Suppose you need water called bisleri or kinley you need to pay for it and for a marketer your need is his target and his goal which makes them to sustain in their job.

Products are classified into two types:

1. Tangible products

2. Intangible products

The policy is also a product if you say about a life insurance, Sip they are also known as product.

In terms of tangible products one can take an example of a product which is physical in nature and which includes an example of mobile phones, laptops, washing machine, television, posters, children games, kitchen utensils and any other and many more.

In terms of intangible products one can take an example of a life insurance, Sip and other insurance policies.

The product chosen by me is “Aashirvaad Atta”

This product has been developed by ITC (Imperial Tobacco Company) which is one of the biggest and best known private sector companies.

This Aashirvaad Atta is a popular type of Atta which is made of wheat flour and the company has researched highly about the consumer’s tastes in all regions in different types of city like North West east and south.

The farmers grow the grains in such a way that cleanliness is inside their food stuffs. It is a most popular brand of Atta in Indian market. It is also present and available in spices and instant mixes.

This Atta is very hygiene’s healthy and nutritious for health. People trust this brand and there are number of people’s who purchase this brand of Atta.

The company not only deals with the food stuffs like Atta and agriculture products but it also has a variety of products available like Mint-o Fresh which is a cough lozenge, Bingo which is like a finger snacks etc.

ITC master chefs designed foods which is pre-prepared known as kitchens of India.

ITC Sun feast biscuits and some other stuffs used in Pasta is also introduced by ITC.

Now it’s into FMCG Products but it also has products like tobacco such as Gold flakes cigarettes etc.

Company Background

It has different market in hotels, paper, agriculture, packaged foods and confectionary, branded apparel, personal care, greetings cards, Information Technology, safety matches, incense sticks and stationery.

Its business is mainly focused on Indian market which deals in the Indian market.

They have successfully involved their brands in different segments and in a number of goods like including packaged foods confectionary, branded apparel, and personal care, greeting cards, cigarettes, paper, hotels, agriculture and information technology etc.

Safety machines incense sticks and stationary products are also their goods.

Their successfully FMCG products are Aashirvaad Atta which is our main topic but first we need to understand about this brand and innovative company who focuses on generally the Indian market and its successful products are Sun feast biscuits, Bingo, Mint-o fresh, Kitchens of India etc.

They have expanded their business in different types of products.

Aashirvaad is a premium category brand of ITC Ltd. of Staple Food. There is three products come under this brand salt, Atta and Spices.

In this project I selected Atta as a product of Aashirvaad Brand of ITC group. As we already mentioned that this is premium brand in this category. Here we need to understand the word premium. As we know that in the market there are variety of the brand of Atta available and the consumer are defined their brands as per income level or price, Quality and other parameter. Premium words defined the product which has high price, Quality high and having some additional benefit rather than other available brands. Aashirvaad Atta is made from sharbati wheat which comes from Madhya Pradesh.

ITC takes extra care to keep the Aashirvaad Atta natural.

Aashirvaad launched on 27th may 2002 and now after nine years it has successfully grown.

Aashirvaad Atta has no role of Maida in it. It contains pure wheat which makes the roti soft and fluffy which is tastier and good for health.

The manufacturing process and the ingredients used is a quality product and there is no mixture of the second product which is not useful for health like Maida etc. Their farmers are directly through e-choupal.

This product helped people to enrich greater lives with full happiness and enjoyment.