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Customerization: Designing a Product According to Customer’s Need & Requirementsr basic job is to find as many customers as you can for your product and for your profits and targets. The term customerization is not defined for every company. When your company designs a product according to the needs and requirements of the individual customer then that part of designing a product is known as customerization. It is not that easy task but a very difficult and a challenging task / job for a company to define all its parameters and gives their marketer a high energy of sales which is known as customer satisfaction.

It is a tuff and a difficult job for a company to provide the customized solutions to its customers and fulfills their satisfaction, needs and demand. Sometimes the manufacturers also don’t know about the actual part of the product but for a company he uses to do this and for a customer purpose and use, he use to design the product. The customer wants their choice of product, they want always something new in the product and think from their mind that it should add the extra legs in the refrigerator or something funny and interesting which a manufacture feels difficult to design and difficult to produce as per asked by the customer. But here we have a great example of Electrolux, who makes home appliances like Television, Air conditioner, washing machine and many more products as well kitchen appliances like refrigerator, microwave oven and many more who applies the different strategy in making the products because they do direct interaction with their customers, they go to their homes and talk to them face to face and try to know about their needs and requirements then they start making their products as required and needed by their consumer and provide them with customized products and services which helps them to grow internationally.

In this company and in this product, customer gets a chance to have their own choice of product and they become satisfied and their love for that brand also increases as per the unique difference approach applies in this company which benefits the uses of the customer. We do get this service in most of the companied but what amount the company has spent on providing the customers with customization, the company does not gets that much of amount and the company don’t receives the same amount. This requires an effectiveness of the market and each company is looking for customerization today. If we do look at Electrolux, we can think and believe that how this company has helped itself to perform better and to create more number of customers in its account.

When we look at the most reputed organized and known company Dell, we found that they sell their PC’s and laptops online which helped it to perform better and to create more number of customers in its account. Dell gives their customers with opportunities to decide the design and features of their systems and laptops. They can take the memory card, RAM, hard disk and all other feature as per their requirements and uses. This gives them a push to go for this brand where they get lot of choices, options to conduct their uses and benefits as well as advantage. This strategy made by Dell which helps Dell to make its customer satisfied and happy. To achieve the growth of their business and they get their positive response from their side. The customers prefer and feel good about the brand and they get high quality and good materials from their side which gives them positive refreshment and a positive energy to think on it and recommend some more customers for that product and brand.

By these strategies they energize and boost up their sales, they gain a lot of satisfaction from the customers and increase the satisfaction from their customers. They measure the good value of the customer and also measure the tastes and preference level of customer which helps them in understanding the demands, needs, tastes, wants and preferences of the customer. When a company listens to the customer and their choice of thinking then they get some new information and innovation to develop their business more powerful.

It helps the company to learn from the customers to innovate something much better and helps in creating a customer driven culture where they gets full knowledge and preference from their customer about their wants and desires as well their expectations from the team and organization.

When your sales person listens to your customer patiently it shows a big part of commitment to the customer and which is a very positive sign for the customer as well as the company where you are continuously listening to the customer and this is really one kind of efforts which is done by the sales managers of the company and which gives them a better outcome and a better result.