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Comparative Marketing Study & Target Market

It is the study where we can make comparisons, where we can do the study of two products which are of same category like in case of product related with chocolates, cosmetics, garments and any other. We basically compare two different brands as per their quality, size, style, features, design, maintenance, services, speed, looks and many more.

Suppose we are comparing the two brands blackberry and nokia basically used for mobile phones and these two brands differ from both the two in terms of sustaining in the environment and being alive in the market. When we compare these two brands blackberry is designed for providing more facilities and for more number of uses like it is used for the official and professional purpose as well as different approach has been used in this. It has different features included by the company and it is primarily known for better uses of sending and receiving e-mails. The network is also available where there are Wi-Fi enable services. It is most popular and famous mobile across the whole world. It has smart uses and preferred by most of the smart personalities. It is user friendly and has other shortcut keys in the mobile phone just like a keyboard. It has innovated by the creativity in Blackberry’s mobile phones.

When we look at Nokia as compare to Blackberry we found that only battery back-up is bit good and fair in Nokia and in some of the Nokia mobiles there is not a full keyboard. The price is bit ok but blackberry sounds good in terms of brand, in terms of tastes and preferences.

When we look at Honda city and Verna both are two brands of automobile sector and the length of the both differs a lot because the space of Honda city is more as compare to Verna and the car of Honda city is preferred by most of the people as compare to Verna. The overall mileage in Honda city is also greater than Verna. People also prefer Honda city because it gives better mileage than Verna. The style and performance as well the quality all is most preferred by the users of Honda city.

When we look at the study of Dettol and Himalaya we found that

Dettol had expended its business in all purpose of antiseptic used as a general disinfectant in shaving, cuts, bruises and rinsing etc. Reckitt Benckiser launched Dettol in the year 1936 and its brand of Rs.300 cr. Trough out the world. Most of the households companies working organization use Dettol for Germ fighting and protection in a regular basis. Which focuses upon a nation health? It’s extended its product market to talc band aid Shaving Gel, Shop, Glycerin, Boy wash etc.

It’s marketing Strategy become successful to extend the brand in terms of the mother brand.

Target Market: There product has been launched for the group of people known as Mass media. They developed antibacterial soap which inhibits bacteria 24 hours for hotels, homes, hospitals and other work places. Liquid hand wash which helps to raises germs to multiply clean wash in hotels, theatres, railways and other educations institutes. Dettol shaving cream has been launched by keeping in the mind of men’s saloons with soften the skin for better shave and gives freshness as well it’s avoiding rashes. The most important product defined by Reckitt Benckiser is the useful Band aid which helps to heal the wound faster and prevent relief in school and sports/ athletics, Kitchens, Factories, Workshop, and Transportation etc.

Thus we have seen that how useful the Dettol brand is for children, Youth, Men and women, older means every category. My examples prove successfully that the Brand has good marketing Strategy for each sort of people in the daily life. It can help anyone and everyone in the daily life and in the time of emergency which gives high life because it’s focus on health.

On the basis of the above discussion proved our hypothesis but product and Brand Dettol mainly associated and focus on household and Mothers.

Products: All beauty Products and ayurvedic medicines & health supplements.

Hypothesis: Cater and serve to the Mass media and fulfill the needs of the Mass consumers. Targeting Niche Market…..

Marketing Strategy: Himalaya is the brand name of ayurvedic concepts. The founders’ main aim was to create a unique ‘head to toe brand” and the company switched the ayurvedic into Himalaya herbals in the year 2001. It has near about 40 products in the market for example hair care, body care, skin care, health care and oral care etc.

It has expanded its business its market share in India and some other countries especially in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East which has a turnover of Rs. 300 crores.

It has introduced the baby care aim at children between 6 month to 3-4 years. It also offer moisturizing soap, Lotion, Shampoo, Oil, Diaper rash cream etc. They have unique position.