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Buying Behavior: The Study of the Behavior of the Consumer

Buying behavior represents the very important challenging question that why a consumer do purchases? Buyers are those who purchase products for their personal necessities.

It is the study of the behavior of the consumer that when people buy the product and when they reject the product. It is not only the study of when people buy the product but also is a study of how, where, why they buy or they do not buy a product. It depends on the role of the customer, seller.

If the seller can entertain a customer for long rum till the customer is ready for pay for the particulars because there are many steps which a consumer faces and cross if he or she likes or want to buy that particular product. They will look at the greetings whether the shopkeeper or a sales executive has greeted them well or not? Then he will observe the happiness and respect which he felt is given to him or not till the time he entered his place.

If the consumer liked some product and willing to buy then he will go for price whether it suits his mind or not? If the price does not suit him he will not go for that product. If the price suits him then he will look the relation whom the manager or the person who is attending him is behaving well or not?

If everything suited him and made him happy he will go to purchase the product. And in terms of behavior it depends on the seller how he wants to sell his product and want to continue with that customer or not?

If the seller will try to continue with some customers he will behave with him very well and will retain him in an amazing way which will make him feel very happy and which will make him sustain as well to create some more customers with good reputation and image. Their behavior depends on the way the seller behaves to them.

Buying behavior depends on the decision process of the customer that what to buy and the factors that influences them to buy. They basically cross the six stages of buying behavior and those are:

1. Problem recognition

2. Information search

3. Evaluation of alternatives

4. Purchase decision

5. Purchase

6. Post purchase evaluation

Problem recognition: it identifies and expresses the needs and awareness of the product. For example: you need a food to live and being alive on the Earth so the purchase of food is your basic necessity which you will have to buy. You cannot be able to write a word without an ink in the pen so you will require buying an ink also along with a pen.

Information search: The search of the right place to purchase the product, the right product, the right brand, the right information which will help in the purchase of the product either by a website, friends, relatives, good word of mouth, newspaper, magazines, television or any other source which helps in understanding about the correct brand which will give the loyalty products. It will help in creating the awareness in the minds of the people.

Evaluation of alternatives: This defines the alternatives and options for you to understand about the substitutes of the product, it helps in choosing the different product if you don’t get the correct features and best quality like if you are going with the product called formal shirts and you have two brands where you can try your size first you preferred to go to the showroom of Zodiac and if you don’t get the collections you preferred to visit the Vanheusen so this made the choices of your likings taste and preference that if something is not existing then there is something else which so exist in this world.

Purchase decisions: The purchase decision is based on the behavior of the seller, the product quality, the features of the product, the packaging, the uses, the importance and the advantages of the product which matters a lot.

Purchase: The product availability, the cost, time and money matters a lot for the purchase.

Post purchase Evaluation: The step after the purchase whether the customer is satisfied or not? The service and the warranties which comes after the sales and which is related with solving the queries and complaints of the customer, it is basically for the level of satisfaction and the existence of the customer.

These six types of factors most importantly depend on the behavior process of the consumer.

The consumers knowledge the consumer information about the product the consumer awareness the consumer needs and wants the likings taste and preference of the consumer the behavior of the sales person at the time of the purchase the services by the company after the purchase matters lot in the buying behavior of the customer.