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What is branding and how it can change your business?

Here we discuss about the term branding but before knowing what branding means, I would like to discuss about a great and a very big term named BRAND which defines as per American marketing association it is a name, term, symbol, appearance, design, attractiveness, style, features or a mixture of all of the terms to define a product or services.

Branding is necessary when we are giving a unique name to our product and that unique identification defines our product or services. To present a view in the hearts and the minds of the consumer, one need to be reliable and very much wholesome from heart so can achieve a better success etc.

Highlight Active brand name of a product: Branding highlights an active measure of the product or services.

Branding is a core concept of the marketing strategy by which you are creating a positive perception in consumer minds for your product and services in terms of loyalty and confirmation so consumer can buy your product on a continuous manner.

By the help of branding you can continue with two types of customer they are existing customers and potential customers of your product or services. They only like to buy a product which has high brand value and they love the brand. For example: they have high faith and true belief in the product of Johnson’s when we talk about baby products then it gives an emotional touch or an emotional feeling to this brand. It connects the target customer and the potential customer emotionally to the product.

Message should spread properly which can create a positive perception in the minds of the consumer and hearts. One should know the clear view after having a view or image of the brand. It should define the appeal of the product.

If you are branding your products and services, definitely you will need to understand the requirements of a customer. How we know Harley Davidson? In terms of brand of heavy vehicles & the costly product. It defines the value of the strong brand and experience of the consumer. The perception here comes which the person feels that it is a strong and high brand as it is a positive influence in the mind on the consumer. If you are loyal to your product to your customer, nobody will stop your brand to go for long run.

It is necessary because a customer feels protection among the brand, a consumer feel that there is a legal protection attached to this product when branding is done. The product does not need to define its quality, features, attributes and specification etc because a brand speaks for the product itself. If branding has done one remembers the product and its benefits of high quality etc.

Branding can be done by the help of packaging, packaging the product labeling the product quality with innovative qualities etc. it is a source of promise to your consumer. If you have done you’re branding in a proper and unique way then your customer will trust your brand and if they will trust your product they will definitely trust your product. People usually spend and waste most of their times doing market research, advertising, promotion, sales reviews etc but they forget about the main part and that describes branding and if branding has been done, you can grow your business very high. It creates an image in the consumer’s mind.

If you have a strong brand value and name then there is a probability that your customer can buy one more product from your brand because it is an additional benefit and it defines the great image of your brand like for example Cadbury’s. in case of Cadbury’s it has been defined a different sub-brand in case of Cadbury’s such as Dairy Milk, Flake, Boost etc which comes under confectionary items which are sold under the brand of the product. There is a same brand which is Cadbury’s and people have high beliefs on this successful brand because it have applied a high strategy of branding and better tools to develop the business.

Branding evokes a mental image of what you must be like because you come from there the same thing with branding. When you describe to the people that your product has been made in the foreign country then it will not matter for a man or a woman but what matters them a most is which brand you belongs to like when you talk about Raymond’s, The complete man have done all the work for this brand because it gives such a nice impression to a person that they will highly satisfy with the product of this brand and happily purchase the product full of trust. It describes the belief, trust, longitudeness of the product, the size and life of the product etc. when someone rebrand the product then he or she tries to attract and retain the customers like in Airtel where people have started approaching with Airtel. Thus branding is very much important for sustainability and high profitability.