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Team Proposal

Throughout this course, you have learned about teamwork and effective teams. Now it is time to put it all together and design your own team. This assignment allow you to bring together what you have learned and apply through creating a group plan.

Imagine you have been asked to create a team at work to meet a specific need within your company.

Create a 400 to 800 word proposal of a team to present to your manager, include the following:

A description of what type of group/team this will be

A description of the goals of the group/team and how many team members will be needed

An outline of a plan for how this group/team will be effective, including the following:

A proposed leadership style

The characteristics that you are looking for in team members

The roles that each member will take on

Methods for enhancing group cohesion

Strategies for managing conflict

Strategies for decision making and problem solving

A proposed team agenda for the first meeting

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Reference no: EM132280632

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