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1) Write down an application utilizing the FileInputStream which opens a file which consists of the name of user's favourite book and then show it to the user. If file does not exist, prompt user for book's title and then write it to file by utilizing a FileOutputStream. Save file as DisplayBook.java.

2) The library wishes to create a facility so that elementary and secondary-school children may utilize the graphic programs and generated and edit audio and video clips for the school projects. What operating system must the library consider for this facility? Why?

Reference no: EM1310455

What are ids and ips

A client of yours is concerned about external intrusion on their corporate network, and those inside their environment that they seek to fire! As a group, complete the follo

List the two new or changed features in ipv6

List two new or changed features in IPv6. define how each one affects Internet Protocol including the affects to inter-networking issues. Be thorough in your discussion.

Create a jquery mobile app to record your daily activities

Create a JQuery mobile app to record your daily activities - Only the activities of the current user are displayed. Users can select an activity from the listview and see the

Why the make-buy decision is an important management

The make-buy decision is an important management prerogative. I am supposed to be a manager of a software organization that has the average software development cost of $20.

Identity theft contribution to terrorism

Pharming, Phishing and Various types of Identity theft contribution to Terrorism in 21st Century.  Provide supporting facts in the form of "charts/graphs" (3 to 4 graphs,

What are the functions of database management software

What are functions of database management software? Name common database management software. Describe how Dell reduced its operating costs. Why are wireless transmission syst

What mips instruction will be executed

In a von Neumann architecture, groups of bits have no intrinsic meanings by themselves. What a bit pattern represents depends entirely on how it is used. Consider the follow

Realize the circuit using a rom

A circuit has four inputs RSTU and four outputs VWYZ. RSTU represents a binarycoded- decimal digit. VW represents the quotient and YZ the remainder when RSTU. Realize the ci


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