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1) Write down an application utilizing the FileInputStream which opens a file which consists of the name of user's favourite book and then show it to the user. If file does not exist, prompt user for book's title and then write it to file by utilizing a FileOutputStream. Save file as DisplayBook.java.

2) The library wishes to create a facility so that elementary and secondary-school children may utilize the graphic programs and generated and edit audio and video clips for the school projects. What operating system must the library consider for this facility? Why?

Reference no: EM1310455

Calculate and display their individual pay increases

They are considering a pay increase of 8%. Write a program that will prompt for and accept the current salary for each of the faculty members, then calculate and display the

Draw diagram overlaying the pourbaix diagrams

Draw diagram overlaying the Pourbaix diagrams for nickel and silver and use diagram to explain the likely outcome of holding a solution of nickel ions in a silver container.

Organization to consolidate servers

Utilizing any organizational model from your experience and or research, describe the pros and cons of this organization in order to consolidate the servers and to relocate

Suppose that even parity is used for rows

many techniques (typically referred to as forward error correction) can be used to add redundant bits to a message in order to help a receiver right bits that have been dama

Deducing security policy to mitigate the threat.

Information like sales data, client data, and the network configuration. Recognize the threats these significant items are subject to and deduce the security policy in order

Single host operating system

This lab is to be used if you're setting up your own lab environment (preferred method of performing the labs) on your own system. The instructions also assume you're using

Shell script- remove old programs you no longer wish to keep

Assignment Two - UNIX Shell Programming - KIT501 System Administration Fundamentals - Write a shell script (to run on the Bourne shell) that runs an infinite loop to monitor

Create sequence and communication diagram for each scenario

Identify each use case in the functional model and create a sequence and communication diagram for each scenario of each use case identified through the use of graphical too


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