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Nancy is taking a course in Fairy Tales from Professor Grimm and another in Philosophy from Professor Par. In each course there will be two exams, a midterm exam and a final exam. In Professor Grimm's course, Nancy's grade will be determined by the minimum of her scores on the two exams. In Professor Par's course, the scores on the two exams are weighted equally. For each of the two courses, write thee different utility functions that describe Nancy's preference for scores on the midterm and the final exam. For each of the two courses, draw a diagram with a set of indifference curves for Nancy. Make sure to note higher and lower levels of utility.

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The problem is a case study about Nancy who takes Fairy Tales and Philosophy courses from Prof. Grimm and Prof. Par respectively. As per the problem, three different utility functions have been described for Nancy's performance.

Reference no: EM13826854

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