Write the steady state two dimensional heat equation

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A cable of radius conductivity k and specific heat moves through a furnace with velocity U and leaves at temperature T Electric energy is dissipated in the cable resulting in a volumetric energy generation rate of , or . pco qc.

Outside the furnace the cable is cooled by convection and radiation. The heat transfer coefficient is h, emissivity H, ambient temperature T and surroundings temperature is T Use a simplified radiation model and assume that the cable is infinitely long.

Write the steady state two-dimensional heat equation and boundary conditions.

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Reference no: EM131284362

Determine steady state temperature distribution in two plate

The surface of the stationary plate is insulated while that of the moving plate is maintained at constant temperature T. Determine the steady state temperature distribution

Design a zener regulator to meet these specifications

A TIL312 is a seven-segment indicator. Each segment has a voltage drop between 1.5 and 2 V at 20 mA. The supply voltage is +5 V. Design a seven-segment display circuit contr

What is the collector-emitter voltage in this circuit

When the base and collector supplies are equal, the transistor can be drawn as shown in Fig. 6-34b. What is the collector-emitter voltage in this circuit? The transistor pow

Draw another base-biased circuit

Draw another base-biased circuit. Draw a load line for the circuit and tell me how to calculate the saturation and cutoff points. Discuss the effects of a changing current g

Calculate the transistor currents and voltages

Draw a transistor circuit with a CE connection. Now, what kind of troubles can you get with a circuit like this and what measurements would you make to isolate each trouble?

What size should the bypass capacitor be

In Fig. 8-33, the Thevenin resistance seen by the bypass capacitor is 30 ?. If the emitter is supposed to be ac ground over a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, what size s

What do you think this circuit is supposed to do

Figure 9-36b shows a circuit in which the control voltage can be 0 V or +5 V. If the audio input voltage is 10 mV, what is the audio output voltage when the control voltage

What do you think is the purpose of this circuit

If an input signal with a peak-to-peak value of 5 mV drives the circuit of Fig. 9-36a, what are the two ac output voltages? What do you think is the purpose of this circuit?


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