Write steps to follow to create the relational database

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Write down short description of database connectivity with Internet using one of widely disseminated technologies. (that is using either active server pages or Java server pages or others) Write down guidelines/steps must you follow when you create the relational database? Additionally to using course material, use Library to discover best-practice guidelines.

Reference no: EM1384031

A set of sql statements that returns all rows

Design and develop the below queries using professional principles and standards:A set of SQL Statements that returns all rows and all data for each table in your database.Two

What rules have to be enforced based on entity type

What rules would have to be enforced based on entity type? Choose one entity type and discuss what enforcement is needed by the database or application.

What is the difference data-mining and data warehouses

What is the difference Data-mining and Data Warehouses? How does data mining works? What technological infrastructure is required? Design a star schema for this problem with d

Emphasizes entity-relationship diagramming

This week we will see the techniques used to structure the data requirements for an information system application as the textbook and lecture notes emphasizes entity-relati

Create three use case diagrams for the new billing

Using the Hillside School Case Study and your stage 1, 2, and 3 projects, develop a decision paper that serves as a system "sign-over" document for system deployment and tra

Expressions in tuple relational calculus and domain relation

Consider the relational database described in Problem Give expressions in tuple relational calculus and domain relational calculus for each of the following queries: Fin

Advantages and disadvantages of joins and nested queries

One side effect of normalization is that you often need more than one table to get meaningful results. For example, you may have a table that includes a list of parts and the

Describe what entity represents in an er mode

Describe what entity represents in an ER mode and provide examples of entities with a physical or conceptual existence. Describe how strong and weak entities differ and provid


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