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Suppose that FiredUp has created the database with following tables:

CUSTOMER (CustomerSK, Name, Phone, EmailAddress)
STOVE (SerialNumber, Type, Version, DateOfManufacture)
REGISTRATION (CustomerSK, SerialNumber, Date)
STOVE_REPAIR (RepairInvoiceNumber, SerialNumber, Date, Description, TotalCost, TotalPaid, CustomerSK)

A. Generate the view called RepairSummary which shows only RepairInvoiceNumber, TotalCost, and TotalPaid.

B. Illustrate the SQL statement to retrieve all RepairSummary data sorted by TotalCost.

C. Develop a view called CustomerRepair which shows CUSTOMER.Name and STOVE_REPAIR.SerialNumber, Date, Description, and TotalDue, where TotalDue is difference between TotalCost and TotalPaid.

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