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Pugh worked for See's Candies, Inc. for 32 years, he had started as a dishwasher and worked his way up to Vice President for Production and was on the Board of Directors.?When he was hired, he was told by the president and general manager "if you are loyal and do a good job, your future is secure".?The president had a policy of only terminating employees for good cause, and that policy was continued by his successor.?During the entire period of Pugh's employment, his performance had never been formally evaluated or criticized; he was never denied a raise or bonus.?After the company set sales records for the Christmas and Valentine's Day seasons, Pugh was called into the president's office and told he was fired.?He was not given a reason for his discharge, but he suspects that he was fired because he objected to the "sweetheart" relationship the company had with the union representing its workers.

Ms. Jones, a department manager with the City's Regional Hospital is fed up with Joe, one of her new employees, who keeps pointing out her management errors and the errors of others. As a result, she feels that he is a disruptive influence and has to be terminated. She justifies this on the basis that she is the manager and has the right to decide who is or is not to be in her department.

A local hospital in Luverne, Alabama hired an orthopedic fresh out Medical school in 2000. Ten months later she leaves for another hospital in the region. The company sues her for breach of her non-compete agreement which stated she could not engage in a competing business for two years following the date of termination. The hospital also wanted compensation for the physician contacting several of the patients she had been treating while in Luverne City Hospital employment.

A group of black police officers filed suit against the City of Little Rock, Arkansas, alleging racial discrimination by the Police Department in promotion of officers. The promotions were made by selecting those officers who were ranked highest on a composite score ranking list based on the score on a written exam and the weighted score from a personal interview. The interview was conducted by senior officers who were all whites, and the scoring was done subjectively by those officers. The black officers produced evidence that showed that blacks averaged a score of 39.6 on the written exam, while white officers averaged a score of 38.5; for the personal interview, blacks were given an average score of 12.96 points, while whites were given an average score of 14.38 points. The effect of the composite ranking of the two scores for candidates for promotion was that, because of the personal interview, blacks, on average, went down fourteen positions on the composite ranking, while whites, on average, went up one position. Because promotions were made based on relative ranking by composite score, blacks were not likely to be promoted; indeed, the department had only one black officer promoted above sergeant in its history.
Payne was employed as a seasonal worker at McLemore's fertilizer plant; he had worked in that position for 5 years. Payne was always laid off at the end of the busy season, and then recalled again later in the year when the season began again. After Payne, who was black, was laid off in the fifth year, he became active in the local civil rights organization. One of the actions of the civil rights organization was to urge local employers to hire and promote blacks to more responsible positions. To bring pressure on the local employers, the organization began a boycott against local retailers, including several stores owned by McLemore. After the start of the boycott, Payne was not recalled by McLemore's fertilizer plant when the season began again. Payne filed suit against McLemore, alleging a violation of Title VII because he was not recalled due to his civil rights activities.

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Reference no: EM13935973

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