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Given a word, if the positions (order) of the letters of that word are changed, this would produce other words. For example "act" letters order can be changed to produce the word "cat", similarly, scrambling "smart" letters can produce the word "marts." Write a Java program that accepts two words as input and determines if one of them is resulting from changing the order of the others' letters.

Reference no: EM1359290

Write a java progrmato calculate total annual compensation

Write a Java application using NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that calculates the total annual compensation of a salesperson. Consider the following facto

Including four sets of quadruplet andsevwn sets of triplets

Mrs. Bernard Scheinberg of Austria had sixty-nine children. Including four sets of quadruplet, sevwn sets of triplets, and sixten of twins. after Mrs. scheinberg died at the a

In a method named setfavoritesports declare

In a method named setFavoriteSports declare the sports array and populate it.  This method will return the sports array to the calling statement.  The 9 in the prompt below wi

Review the threading

Threading. A considerable amount of time was spent trying to get threading to work properly. Initial designs included a thread called Turn, which would call a subsequent th

Disadvantages to using data structures

How are data structures managed and organized in this language. How does the management or syntax of data structures in this language differ from how data structures are han

Convert string values from keyboard to numeric values

How do we convert string values from the keyboard to numeric values? How do we create output strings containing the values from our variables and how to answer the problem?

Write a function named getaddress

Write a function named getTelNums that accepts an argument of type person and returns a string of telephone numbers for that person. getTelNums(p) => "212.555.1234 646.555.4

Evaluates an arithmetic expression in postfix expression

Bring a hardcopy of your source code to class in order to submit. Please staple multiple pages together. Write a program that evaluates an arithmetic expression in postfix exp


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