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We have to write a c++ program for Little man's computer in which

A text file containing machine code (not assembly code) for little man's computer following instruction set . Instructions are in different lines (no need for semicolon at the end of each instruction)

Arithmetic 1xx ADD
2xx SUB
Data Movement 3xx STORE
5xx LOAD
Input/Output 901 INPUT
Machine Control 000 HALT
(coffee break) COB

Any output specified in the input file by 902 will be displayed on screen

Computer specification:
· Two digits memory (mail box) address: 00-99

· Three digits instruction or data in each memory slot

· One calculator, one program counter

· The program in the input file needs to be loaded into memory first and stored in consecutive slots starting from address 00

· 901 instruction will ask user's input from keyboard, 902 displays content in calculator

Other requirements:
Your program should accept any length of input program that can be fit in little man's 100 memory slots and generate correct result and/or output on screen.

Submit the source code together with readme file with instruction to compile, build and use your program.

Input file contains following code (return positive difference):
Running of the program with this input will ask user to input 2 numbers, let's say 5 and 10, the program will output the positive difference on the screen, which is 5.

Reference no: EM1333930

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