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Please complete the following Programming Exercises listed in your book. All programs must be done according to these Programming Principles (properly formatted and commented). (If you want to see an example of a simple program, please see this Sample Program.)


Write a C# program that declares variables to represent the length and width of aroom in feet. Assign appropriate values to the variables, such as length = 15 andwidth = 25. Compute and display the floor space of the room in square feet(area = length * width). As output, do not display only a value; instead, displayexplanatory text with the value, such as The floor space is 375 square feet.


Write a C# program that prompts the user for a name, Social Security number, hourly payrate, and number of hours worked. In an attractive format (similar to Figure 2-24), display all the input data as well as the following

» Gross pay, defined as hourly pay rate times hours worked

» Federal withholding tax, defined as 15% of the gross pay

» State withholding tax, defined as 5% of the gross pay

» Net pay, defined as gross pay minus taxes

Save the program as Payroll.cs.


Write a C# program that prompts a user for an hourly pay rate. If the user enters values lessthan $5.65 or greater than $49.99, prompt the user again. If the user enters an invalidvalue again, display an appropriate error message. If the user enters a valid value oneither the first or second attempt, display the pay rate as well as the weekly rate, which iscalculated as 40 times the hourly rate. Save the program as EnsureValidPayRate.cs.


Write a C# program that allows the user to enter two integers and a character. If thecharacter is A, add the two integers. If it is S, subtract the second integer from the first.If it is M, multiply the integers. Display the results of the arithmetic. Save the file as


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