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Write brief outline of the mechanisms in which DNA is used to generate protein. You do not need to provide a fine level of detail, but ensure you reflect on the key points in the process and mention any major differences between the mechanism in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Reference no: EM132280011

Identify a disease which is caused by a mutation

Next identify a disease, which is caused by a mutation, and then describe the biological basis of your chosen disease. In your response be sure to note the exact disease cau

Particular bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa

Is aelement a substance that can be broken down into simplersubstances? Why are CF patients so susceptible to infection by a particular bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa?

Evil corps developed a miraculous new insecticide

Evil Corps developed a miraculous new insecticide that could selectively prevent development of trichogen cells during embryological development of an insect.  The hatching la

Number of chromosomes in normal diploid cell of organism

A cell undergoing meiosis produces a daughter cell, during which one nondisjunction event occurs. If the number of chromosomes in a normal diploid cell of this organism (not

Calculate the frequency of allele

A) Calculate the frequency of each allele, M and N, in the population studied. B) What would be the expected frequency of each genotype in the next generation, assuming that

Transporting lactose in against concentration gradient

The lactose permease transporter of E. coli can accumulate lactose inside the cell by transporting lactose in against a concentration gradient, driven by a co-transport proc

Determine the latent cycles of animal and plant viruses

We did a lab for action/absorption spectrum where we covered leaves with different colored plastic. What are the chemical and physical properties and the lytic/latent cycles o

Imagine a trans-membrane protein embedded in plasmamembrane

Imagine a trans-membrane protein embedded in a plasmamembrane. This protein has a region that is dense in the amino acidglutamine, whose R group contains an oxygen and anitr


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