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Again, review the DFDs you developed for the Petrie’s Electronics case (or those given to you by your instructor). Use these DFDs to identify the attributes of each of the six entities listed in this case plus any additional entities identified in your answer. Write an unambiguous definition for each attribute. Then, redraw PE Figure 7-1 by placing the six (and additional) entities in this case on the diagram along with their associated attributes. PE FIGURE 7.1 Initial E-R for Petrie’s customer loyalty program.

Unfortunately i cannot post the table but is just the six entities coupon, promotions, customer, product, service, transaction

Reference no: EM131041058

Broad categories of barrier to health information technology

Rank the four (4) broad categories of barriers to health information technology (financial, organizational or behavioral, technical, and privacy) from the greatest to the leas

Calculate the optimal order quantity-reorder point

Annual demand for chairs is 5000 chairs, and there are 250 selling days in a year. A chair costs $100 each, placing an order costs $40, and the time to recieve an order is 10

Provides to firms engaged in international busines

Explore the nature and scope of the services that the Export-Import Bank of the United States provides to firms engaged in international business. Imagine that you are the own

Communication skills that create a positive image

The secret to being a successful manager is to use good communication skills that create a positive image. What are three leadership styles? Give examples of each. Select a

Graduate level leadership and ethics course

Assume you are an instructor of a graduate level Leadership and Ethics course. Using the Caldwell, Hayes, and Long (2010) article as a basis, compare and contrast the concep

Is strategy defined in terms of product or process or both

Compare an expensive restaurant, a fast-food restaurant, and a cafeteria in terms of process characteristics. What are the strategies of the following organizations? Is the st

Many challenges to firm engaging in international business

The business environment can pose many challenges to a firm engaging in international business. Some of these challenges stem from differences between home and host countries

Illustrate what information systems of the business

illustrate what the philosophical differences between the two are also explain how it effects the operation of the two operating systems. Please use proper APA format. Illus


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