Write an interface for a bagadt that implements iterable

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A bag is a container class that holds a collection of objects that are placed in it. The objects are not stored in any particular order and the bag may contain duplicates. A bag object can do the following:

  • Add one or more items
  • Determine how many times an item appears in the bag
  • Remove an item
  • Display the contents of the bag
  • Determine if two bags are equal
  • Combine the contents of one bag with another
  • Combine the contents of two bags into a new bag

Write an interface for a BagADT<T> that implements the Iterable<T> interface. Include javadoc comments that will generate specifications for the BagADT<T> so that someone who wants to implement this interface will know what each method does.

Reference no: EM13161051

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