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One of the most important competencies that the MBA program hopes to develop in its students is principle application skills; that is, to be able to understand foundational principles, theories, and concepts, and apply them to real-world business contexts. This assignment will provide you an opportunity to practice these skills as you will identify a production or service problem in your organization or that of a client; the problem must be real at the time you work on the assignment.

You will write an analysis highlighting the specific production/service process challenge. It is critical that you include the company mission/vision statement and relevance of problem to the mission and vision.

In your paper, you can include company background information, historical information relevant to the problem, production/service process problem, conceptual framework (based on relevant concepts and principles in periods 1 and 2 only), current production methods, findings and solutions to the problem. These elements form as required sections in your paper.

In the discussion, include an analysis of the problem's root causes and other issues relevant to the framework identified.

Prepare your initial recommendations based on the solution. Your case must demonstrate knowledge and application of course content (concepts and principles) covered in Periods 1 & 2.

Format: Your audience for this paper is practicing managers in the specific industry. The paper should be appropriately organized to clearly outline and describe the items mentioned above in the Content section, and should be 2000 words in length. Use the Harvard reference style.


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Table of Contents

Executive Summery 1
Introduction 2
Product Description 2
Location of Product and Raw Materials 3
Cost-Effective Production Method 3
Facility Layout 5
Materials Requirements Planning 5
a) Master Production Schedule 5
b) Lead Time for Components 7
Logistics and Supply Chain 7
Quality Control 8
Personnel and Organizational Chart 9
Future Expansion 9
References 10

Executive Summery

Today here in this report we are going to discuss about supply chain management of a product in a business organization that I want to undertake and wants to implement operations plan for supply chain process in that organization. The name of that venture is Coffee&Tea. This process of supply chain consists of various essential steps from which a product has to pass through. The major purpose of this report is to discuss about whole process from production of a product to delivery of that product into market. This is known as supply chain. Here I have selected a business venture that manufacture coffee products and here I will apply new proposed business plan that consists of how this product will be produced and marketed through business organization.

There are many large and famous business organizations exist that deal in coffee products such as Nestle, Starbucks, Bru and other popular companies. Here we will discuss about effective supply chain process that is necessary to implement in this new business venture and this will include description about product, location, cost effective method, legal requirements and quality control. These are some essential topics about production process of coffee product that we will discuss here in this report and all these factors are properly concerned with supply chain management process.

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