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Submit the .vls file you create in Visual Logic as well as a screenshot of the output. For full credit, the program must function correctly, produce the correct answer, and be logically succinct.

Write a short answer to the following:

A summary of the technical experiences that you used in completing this lab.

The commands that were of greatest benefit to you.

Your general comments on the overall lab experience.

Lab question:

Design and develop a Visual Logic program that accepts an annual salary as input. Pass the salary to a method (a procedure in Visual Logic) that calculates the highest monthly housing payment the user can afford, assuming that the year's total payment is no more than 25 percent of the annual salary.


Prompt the user to enter the yearly salary. (Use the Visual Logic Console option)

Call a procedure to perform the needed calculation.

Calculate the monthly housing payment amount:

Multiply the yearly salary by .25

Divide the yearly payment amount by 12

Display the monthly housing payment amount rounded to two decimal places.


End program

Reference no: EM131297615

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